Mutual Fund Module

Basic Transaction Management (order placement,automated form filling for RTA, direct RTA files upload, RTA transactions order matching). Advanced Transaction Management ( shift MF folios across portfolios, account for folio change (physical-demat, NFO, AMC merger) MF Upfront and Trail Fees Calculation Accounting for Bonus/Splits Realized Gain, Capital Gain and Ageing Reports

Debt Module

Dirty price and clean price calculation. Accurate yield calculation and plots. Capital gain based on clean price. Corpus stock in/out for debt. Interest accrual on a daily basis. IP payout on interest payout dates. Principal repayment. Advance interest. Shut price management.

Discreationary PMS

Multi Asset Class (equity, debt, MF, derivatives). Automated variance calculation and allocation of trades. Benchmark performance. Fees module. Others (negative list at the customer & organization level, freeze portfolios, audit of changes in model poerfolios, audit of changes in model portfolios, custody reporting). AIF module being built.

Financial Planning

Goal based planning and tracking. Comprehensive coverage. Allows different growth rates across the planning horizon. Detailed risk profiling. Alerts and reminders. Analytics. Review Frequency. Integrated investment module. Insurance Advisory. Detailed cash-flow report. RM based work flow (comprehensive reporting, easy upload of new clients & transactions, RM performance measurement). Self-service module (subscription module)